Hangover Food

Fighting a Hangover: Food Cures

Hangover food is a quest for many of us who have woken up from a hard nights’ drinking with a terrible headache and general feelings of physical misery. While all of us may not have had the life-altering experiences of the characters in the movie ‘Hangover,’ it can nevertheless be an unforgettable experience. Those who are willing to indulge repeatedly is serious boozing are those who claim to have found the perfect combination of foods for fighting a hangover. When you believe you have the perfect antidote to the punishment, it is a lot easier to indulge without worrying!


Coffee is the first choice for many hangover victims. Caffeine is an acknowledged stimulant and those who are fighting the slowness and pain induced by excessive alcohol consumption hope that the caffeine can perform its miracles of giving some much needed focus and alertness. With coffee, it is also just a habit for many people and the shot of a hot drink may well just be a way of dragging the body into current reality.

Fast Food and Sugar

Some people have arrived at the perfect hangover food based on analysis of the food groups that they believe are most effective in countering the effects of alcohol. Those who swear by the powers of carbohydrates and sugar are likely to offer you a big box of doughnuts. The idea that a big meal can counter the heavy fogginess induced by the liquor tends to recommend a breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese. This is probably why McDonald’s is a popular stop-over for many people with hangovers. Bagel and cream cheese is the recommendation of those who try to get their share of protein along with the carbohydrate and fat. A heavy dose of sugar is said to help some people and so there are those who try a big dose of soda or go with the slightly smoother chocolate milk. The sugar rush may at least serve to provide a temporary boost to your system that can help you get kick-started for the day.

Hangover Food Suggestions

There are some hangover food suggestions that are offered more based on faith than on any quasi-scientific analysis of how it helps the body and one of these is the New Orleans Yaka Mein. This hangover food is actually referred to as Old Sober as a testament to its powers of curing a hangover. It is essentially a soy broth and beef soup and includes noodles, meat and boiled eggs. The English are said to believe in the fry-up as a similar unquestioned cure for a hangover and it consists of eggs, toast, broiled tomato, sausages and baked beans. There are times when the ultimate delicacy, the blood pudding, is also thrown in as part of the cure.

Then there are those who offer the hair-of-the-dog argument and claim that the best hangover food is drinking exactly what you drank the night before. While this is possibly the hardest one to understand logically there is the real possibility of passing out again and that may well be the appeal of this cure.


There are as many hangover food suggestions as there are people who have hangovers and so it is ultimately not a given that any of these will work for you. Whether you decide to go for pizza or plenty of water, there is little scientific proof that any of these work. You can have fun experimenting and remember while in the throes of pain and discomfort that a hangover is ultimately temporary and so you will eventually feel better. In the meanwhile, you may well have to arrive at your own perfect combination of hangover food!