Siberian Root

The Power Of Siberian Root

Siberian root has been used as an energy tonic in China for thousands of years, but the western world has only recently discovered the healing power of this herbal remedy. Siberian root has long been studied for its ability to reduce stress in men and women, and those taking it often report being better able to endure physical and emotional stress.

Siberian root is thought to also be quite effective at fighting fatigue and at curing a variety of ailments. This ability has led to quite a following for Siberian root, and many of the biggest enthusiasts find that it works best when used in the traditional Chinese way. The Chinese have historically used Siberian root to reinforce the vital energy of the body, known to Chinese medicine as qi. Others enjoy the power of Siberian root to ward off colds and flu, and to enhance memory functions.

Siberian root is known to contain many unique compounds that can positively affect the adrenal glands. These small glands rest on top of the kidneys, and they are known to secrete hormones that are effective in fighting stress. Taking Siberian root is thought to enhance the ability of the body to handle physical stress and to enhance the disease resistance of the body as well.

Therefore, many believe the Siberian root may be able to prevent many diseases that are caused by stress. Users who take Siberian root have reported that they are better able to withstand the rigors of physical labor, and to work at greater speed and with greater accuracy. Siberian root is also said to allow people to adapt more readily to heat, high altitudes and low oxygen situations. Others use Siberian root to enhance their mental alertness and improve their concentration.

Siberian Root And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In addition, Siberian root is one of the few herbs that has been found to be effective against chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Siberian root is also thought to be effective against normal fatigue and many users report feelings of greater energy after taking this herb.

Some people even feel that Siberian root is able to increase both male and female fertility and to reduce male impotence. In traditional Chinese cultures Siberian root was often used as an aphrodisiac and a fertility enhancer, and modern medicine is studying these effects.

Traditional Uses Of Siberian Root

Siberian root has also been used in traditional medicine to treat symptoms of menopause, and to relieve the symptoms associated with menopause. It is thought that Siberian root may also affect the hormone levels and tone the muscles of the uterus. These abilities may make it valuable for relieving menstrual cramps and other associated problems.

Siberian root is available over the counter in a number of different places, including health food stores, grocery stores and supermarkets and even on the internet. There are a number of online retailers of Siberian root, and they can provide some very competitive prices.

No matter where you buy your Siberian root, or what conditions you use it to treat, however, it is important to purchase high quality brands form manufacturers who use the most modern manufacturing methods. How herbs such as Siberian root are handled after harvest, and how they are processed, can have a profound impact on their therapeutic value.