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Visceral fat: how do you get rid of it and what is it

Today we will talk about visceral fat. What it is and how to get rid of it.
First of all, the belly fat that is in your abdominal cavity is being called visceral fat.

Is having visceral fat a bad thing? No, everyone has visceral fat and that is basically a positive thing. It covers organs against collisions and smacks and protects them.
Well, leave it then and get more of it right? Not really. When you have too much of it, visceral fat becomes a problem.

So why is less abdominal fat good for your wellbeing and how do you lose visceral fat? What does visceral fat look like?


What is visceral fat?
The benefits of less visceral fat
7 nutrition tips against visceral fat
Movement tips against visceral fat
Relaxation tips against visceral fat

What is visceral fat?
There are two types of abdominal fat. Subcutaneous abdominal fat and visceral abdominal fat.

Subcutaneous abdominal fat
Grab your belly with your fingers and you are holding now subcutaneous abdominal fat in your hand. This fat is between your abdominal muscles and your skin.
Visceral abdominal fat
This fat you cannot grasp. Visceral abdominal fat is in your abdominal cavity, under your abdominal muscles.

Having too much visceral fat makes your belly look bloated and thick. The fat will push your abdominal wall outward and can make your belly feel hard, because the fat is under your abdominal muscles. As is often the case with men.

Visceral fat can be recognized as:

A beer belly
A bulging belly
A large, round, hard belly
A strong apple shape figure: thin legs, but a lot of weight around the waist
Not only overweight people often have too much visceral fat. Even people with a healthy weight can have too much visceral abdominal fat.

Hazards of visceral fat
Abdominal visceral fat is much more harmful than abdominal subcutaneous fat. If you have too much of it, it is the most harmful fat in your body.

Excess visceral fat puts not only pressure on your abdominal wall, but also on the organs in which it has to share your abdominal cavity with – such as your liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys. What makes visceral fat even more harmful is that your hormones are affected by it.

Visceral fat generates hormones that interrupt the burning of fat and can cause even more fat to be stored. Via these hormones abdominal fat also affects how you feel.

It is important to realize that visceral abdominal fat exists. It affects your hormones, organs, resources, appetite and weight.
If you have too much abdominal visceral fat, you are at higher risk for serious disorders, including:

A heart attack
High cholesterol
Alzheimer’s disease
A stroke
Breast and colon cancer

Advantages of less visceral fat

If you have too much visceral fat, it will do your health good if you remove any excess fat. The health benefits of living without excess visceral abdominal fat are:

A healthy heart
Better cholesterol levels
A healthy blood pressure
Less chance of type 2 diabetes
A fast metabolism
An active fat burning
More energy
You feel happier/happier
Do you suffer from too much visceral fat and do you still want to benefit from the advantages described above? To find out how you burn visceral fat, then read on.

Burning visceral fat
There are three ways to get rid of visceral fat:

With your food
With movement
With your lifestyle
A combination of these three is best: this is the quickest way to burn visceral fat. Let us get started with the first one: nutrition.

Nutrition tips – lose visceral fat

1. Stop your sugar addiction
The most efficient way to burn visceral fat is to consume less sugar. Eating less sugar also makes your cells, including visceral fat, burn more body fat.

Moreover, multiple studies show that the more sugar you consume, the greater the likelihood that you store a lot of visceral fat.

Quitting sugar is also the first step towards losing visceral fat.

These sugary goods should be avoided:

Ice cream
Soft drink
Fruit Juice
2. Put these omega 3 bombs on the menu
Oily fish are remarkably healthy. It has a lot of omega-3 fats in it-something we do not get enough of these days.

Omega 3 fats protect you against various diseases and inflammations and help you burn visceral fat.

Scientific evidence indicates that omega-3-rich fish oil results in substantially less visceral fat in individuals with and without obesity.

In vegetable products, you can also find omega 3, especially in nuts and seeds. Varying and having omega 3 from nuts and seeds as well as oily fish (once or twice a week) is best.

This diet is high in omega 3:

Chia seed
3. Oatmeal, beans and avocado: eat fiber against fat
Not only can the fibers make healthy bacteria in your intestines happy, but you as well. Research shows that fiber is very effective in reducing visceral fat.
How you feel affects what you eat. Healthy eating has a beneficial effect on your hormones and helps